Vanquisher is a 2013 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller film. Directed by Dean Gold, the film stars, Ben Seton as Jarron Brenner, Dominika Juillet, Gil Navarra as Alpha Zorn, Daz Crawford as Clive Maddocks, Michael Fallon, Cal Rein, Tammy Felice as Vanessa Krauss, Dave Vescio as Dr. Walter Zeigler, Jesse Wang as Zorn Diplomat, May Tan as Zorn Queen, Jon Napier as Andrew Spencer, Nahid Samandari as Jarron’s Mother, Casey Dacanay. A brief summary of Vanquisher; Sector 70 is a noir-ish dystopian drawing nearer where skills belongs to the few – also those unwavering to receive it. Jarron Brenner made ready in any case by the track awaiting his body was invaded by the technology he abeted to sell. After a procession of stressful events, an odd originator Miranda May gets rid of it upon herself to bail any individual out excepting Jarron’s life. Soon, however, they consider self looked up by the shady forces of an overseas conspiracy.