The Perfect Love Song

The Perfect Love Song is a 2013 Comedy, Musical, Romance film. Directed by Samuel Victor, the film stars, Samuel Victor as Jonathan ‘J.J.’ Jones, Jennie Shotton as Kayleigh, Baz Salam as Daz, Johnny Lynch as Barry Gibson, Patrick Moorhouse as Mr. Tyler, Claire-Louise Catterall as Crystal, Maria Shilliam as Stacey, Yasmin Turner as Rebecca, Lucy-Ann Buckingham as Claire, Mark Margason as Private Detective Smith, David Bruce Taylor as Mr. Bukowski, Theresa Pope. A brief summary of The Perfect Love Song; The scores of peculiar sides of love, lust, friendship in addition to family. Jonathan J.J. Jones is a music producer at the outclass of his game. Women fling them at him, other than J.J. has presented conscious on love, drained of the clich’s that he writes because multi-platinum songs. With his madcap superior breathing a mirthful playboy existence on his friend’s success, in addition to enemy track record insignia superior enlisting wannabe gangsters to topple his musical empire, J.J. might no longer cope, in addition to escapes to the major vicinity he might troth alone, a deserted coastline e remembers like childhood. There he meets Kayleigh a teen grown woman like a flouted home, who helps him note down another affection song, reading what’s if detail be told worthwhile inside life, friends, family, in addition to specific love.