The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

Ghosts of Georgia is a 2013 Drama, Horror, Thriller film. Directed by Tom Elkins, the film stars, Abigail Spencer as Lisa Wyrick, Morgana Shaw as Lisa’s Mother, Emily Alyn Lind as Heidi Wyrick, Chad Michael Murray as Andy Wyrick, Grant James as Mr. Gordy, Katee Sackhoff as Joyce, Mary Louise Coffee as Lady Ghost Guide, Lauren Pennington, Sam Polin as Burlap Station Master – 1993, Lance E. Nichols as Pastor Wells, Jaren Mitchell as Levi, Cicely Tyson as Mama Kay, Brad James as Prentiss, Wayne Pére as Station Master – 1858, Hunter Burke as Arthur the Conductor, C. Stuart Rome as Hooded Attacker, John T. Wilson Jr. as Hooded Attacker, Adolph Voight as Hooded Attacker, Darrell Frey as Hooded Attacker, Thomas Daniel as Hooded Attacker, Gabe Bourdeaux as Hooded Attacker, Andrea Frankle as Dr. Segar, Idella Johnson as Slave Mother, Tyler Humphrey as Slave Boy, Michael Daingerfield, Barbara Tyson, Fiona Hogan, Tom Elkins, Peter Forest. A brief summary of Ghosts of Georgia; A tender school moves into an historic conjugal inside Georgia, main to realize they are not the house’s main inhabitants. Soon they reckon them inside the presence of a confidential mounting like underground as nonetheless as frightening to ship gulp somebody inside its path.