Swearnet: The Movie

Swearnet: The Movie is a 2013 Comedy film. Directed by Warren P. Sonoda, the film stars, Mike Smith as Mike Smith, Robb Wells as Robb Wells, Tom Green as Tom Green, John Paul Tremblay as Julian, Mishael Morgan as Jamie, Scott ‘Carrot Top’ Thompson as Scott ‘Carrot Top’ Thompson, Patrick Roach as Randy, Jessica Phillips, Boomer Phillips, Sarah Jurgens as Julie, Dax Ravina as Jock, Trish Rainone as Sunshine Girl, Shannon Leroux as Rachel, Liam Card as Stephan, Tanya Feifel as Sunshine Girl, Ann Pirvu as Amy, Joey Iachetta as Jail Guard, Matt Connors as Man on Bus, Fiona Carver as Becca, Emily Jean as Wendy. A brief summary of Swearnet: The Movie; Ricky, Julian, with Bubbles commence their own Internet television tube network where what on earth goes.