School Dance

School Dance is a 2013 Comedy, Drama, Music film. Directed by Nick Cannon, the film stars, Kevin Hart, Wilmer Valderrama as Flaco, Efren Ramirez as El Matador, Korrina Rico as Liz Doreen, Bobb’e J. Thompson as Jason, Liana Mendoza as Anastasia’s Friend, Amber Rose as MarryWanna, Affion Crockett as Coach Fontaine, Kayla Collins as Big Booty Becky, Melissa Molinaro as Tequila, Jamie Noel as Fantasy Girlfriend, Mike Moh as Tram, Brittany Binger, Roland Powell, Carlos C-LOs Lopez as Cholo, Lauren Neal as Dorky Persian Student, Chris Moss as Prison Guard, Duncan Tran as The Asian Bboys, Tacey Adams as Mrs. Billingsly, Kristinia DeBarge as Anastacia, Mariano Mendoza. A brief summary of School Dance; A exorbitant kind freshman requests to troth share of the various familiar dance clique inside his kind on the different hand he tends to freeze inside the introduction plus has no hint how he’s progressing to go by the initiation.