Sand Castles

Sand Castles is a 2013 Drama, Mystery, Thriller film. Directed by Clenet Verdi-Rose, the film stars, Jordon Hodges as Noah Daly, Anne Winters as Lauren Daly, Randy Spence as Tommy Daly, Saxon Trainor as Marie Daly, Daniella Grace as Alison Paige, Scott Jemison as Detective Cloud, Clint Howard as Todd Carlson, Jason Welden as Marcus Jones, John Newkirk as Jim Daly, Joe Cipriano as Young Noah Daly, Trinity Joy as Young Lauren Daly, Maggie Mae Fish as Sara, John D. Carver as Rick, Richard Hackel as Virgil Weaver, Craig Lemons as Bob, Glen Hobgood as Perry, Jim Dougherty as Bill, Stacey Nickel as Peggy, Bill Koruna as Dale, Jennifer Wilkens as Brenda, Mark A. Nash as Theatre director, Matt Hodges as Pip, Don Savoie as Magwich, Nyla Lewis as Julie, Tevis R. Marcum as Gill, Catherine J. Hood as AA Counselor, Jana Kihn as Waitress Suzy, Debora Mincy as Deb, David McGuire as Officer Kern, Jason Dixie as Dan, Logan as Logan Daly, Farrah Tucker. A brief summary of Sand Castles; In small-town Indiana, a kind has caved in succeeding their five-year-old female child is kidnapped. Over a decade afterward she is thought with comes succour to a breached home, mute.