Roswell FM

Roswell FM is a 2013 Comedy film. Directed by Stephen Griffin, the film stars, Brian Tee as Dwayne Archimedes, Jason London as Kurt Buzlerd, Brendan Fehr as Jay Rathbone, Mirelly Taylor as Lacey Del Rio, Don Stark as Howard Bellringo, Kevin P. Farley as Ralph Cheeks, Joey Zimmerman as Chris, Arron Shiver as Phil, Doug Haley as Doug Rathbone, Katalina Parrish as Stretch Pants Lady, Erin O’Shaughnessy as Robin Rathbone, Jennie Kamin as Vivian, Luba Bocian as Young Woman, Hugh Elliot as Jarvis, Jesse Romero as Mickey, Joe Bocian as Young Man, Lila Brock as Suzy, Valli Marie Rivera as Sofia, Audrey Griffin as Stretch Pants Girl. A brief summary of Roswell FM; The simply standard chap at a supernatural converse hi fi station quits his fantasize vocation plus takes out a higher paying, other than creature crushing job, to pay for the cause that his kinky nephew’s college tuition.