Phobia is a 2013 Horror, Thriller film. Directed by Jon Keeyes, the film stars, Erica Leerhsen as Dr. Lesley Parker, Chase Ryan Jeffery as Val Drakul, Matthew Tompkins as I.M. Casey, Jonathan Brooks as Guy Krusek, Matt Moore as Sigmund Freud, Stephanie Rhodes as Elizabeth, Carolyn Wickwire as Annabel Lee, Tiffany Lonsdale as Marcia Krusek, Trey Walpole as Albert Simmons, Ambre Low as Roberta Williams, Michael Crabtree as Dr. Charcot, Pam Dougherty as Baroness Drakul, Bruce Carey as Baron Drakul, Presley Money as Young Lesley Parker, Ian Sinclair. A brief summary of Phobia; In 1885, a woman folk physician bailing anyone out a variety of human beings also their phobias becomes embroiled inside a murder puzzle adjacent a patient that would or would not troth a vampire.