Not Safe for Work

Not Safe for Work is a 2013 Thriller film. Directed by Joe Johnston, the film stars, Max Minghella, Molly Hagan as Janine, Tim Griffin as The Accomplice, JJ Feild, Michael Gladis as John Ferguson, Eme Ikwuakor, Brandon Keener as Moyers, Christian Clemenson as Alan Emmerich, Eloise Mumford, Marina Black as Lorraine, Tom Gallop as Roger, Alejandro Patino as Janitor, Shashawnee Hall as Actor, Christian Ijin Link as Businessman, Jasper Salon as Businessman, Michael Raif as Witness to John Ferguson’s suicide, Julie Elizabeth Abeyta as Businesswoman, Kirk Torgerson as Emmerich’s Assistant. A brief summary of Not Safe for Work; An quarters employee is caught up in the developing where a killer is on the loose.