Milo is a 2013 Comedy, Horror film. Directed by Jacob Vaughan, the film stars, Patrick Warburton as Phil, Nick Jaine as Abilash, Gillian Jacobs as Sarah, Peter Stormare as Highsmith, Ken Marino as Ken, Stephen Root as Roger, Toby Huss as Dr. Yeager, Mary Kay Place as Beatrice, Jonathan Daniel Brown as Joey, Kumail Nanjiani as Bobbi, Erik Charles Nielsen as Allistair, Adrian Quinonez as Janitor, Steve Zissis as Dr. Yip, Tisha French as Susan, Diana Toshiko as Brittany, David Jason Perez. A brief summary of Milo; A terror comedy centered on a man who learns that his odd tummy crises are someone caused by a demon existing inside his intestines.