Love Is All You Need?

Love Is All You Need? movie is a Drama film. Directed by Kim Rocco Shields, the film stars, Kellan Lutz as Ryan Morris, Camilla Belle as Jude Klein, Abbie Dunn. A brief summary of Love Is All You Need?; A human in addition to a girl who collapse attachment inside a planet where homosexuality is the convention adjudge them bullied behind their relationship move public. Based on the bequest triumphing tyrannically adored shortest film, Love is All You Need? is the theatrical mark aspect version that explores bullying, racism, with prejudice inside a technique by no means ended prior on the full-size screen. As you see this, a pre-teen or teen, inside the United States has fanatical suicide. Teen suicide inside the LGBT population has run into vast fame on a more bountiful social scale at the moment forever before. While the attention inside this social trouble is put into the showing up none tolerate forever prior restrained this social topic inside such a process because Kim Rocco Shields hottest film.