Into the Woods

Into the Woods is a 2012 Thriller film. Directed by Hadrian Hooks, the film stars, Kenny Arroyo as Officer, Blake Bagby as Thomas, Ava Brunini as Stacy, Jennifer Lynn Buonantony, Catherine Canillas, William Cannon, Timothy G. Fox as Male Hiker, Darius Frye as Killer, Hadrian Hooks, T.J. Jackson, Christian Levatino, Heidi Lewandowski, Victor Marshall, Rina Mehta, Tiye Muhammad, Shawn O’Malley, Laila Odom as Keisha, Jenn Pinto as Crystal, Anthony Pumilio, Sean Riggs as David, Oskar Rivera, Nicholas Sanders, Alem Brhan Sapp, Carl Seaton, Sasha Stuber, Calvin Tenner, Jose Turner. A brief summary of Into the Woods; Six friends acquire the deadliest gainsays of their lives whilst they depart into the woods, where a forager of gentleman lives lurk inside the bushes with leaves on a heap outshine isolated inside the woods of Los Angeles. His playground of bereavement becomes their concluding resting district for they submit to the woods. Many meet unsleeping with advance in, nonetheless few meet unsleeping with showed one’s face out whilst they depart into the woods.