Bandook is a 2013 Crime, Thriller film. Directed by Aditya Om, the film stars, Manisha Kelkar, Arshad Khan, Ashish Kotwal, Aditya Om as Bhola Kevat. A brief summary of Bandook; In the lawless interiors of India, clearly with make a remark to Gangetic planes, guns are the surest pathway to fame, power, capital riches also women. Depicts the appearance of Bhola Kevat a low division boatman inside the interiors of Uttar Pradesh growing to the unplanned heights of opinionated power. Bandook connects transgression also politics, a emotional gander in the minds of masses who scheme voltage of gun for a chain of command to wordly success, It shows the immense separation handled by guy wits loves preferring a gun to pulling the trigger.