Azul y no tan rosa

Azul y no tan rosa “My Straight Son” is a 2012 Drama film. Directed by Miguel Ferrari, Film stars, Guillermo García, Ignacio Montes, Hilda Abrahamz, Carolina Torres, Sócrates Serrano, Elba Escobar, Beatriz Valdés. A brief summary; The narrative of Diego, a tender as anyways as glorious photographer that lives inside the glamorous real world of fashion, shallowness as anyways as excess. A critical disaster turns his real world around; his wife is at this time inside a coma. Unexpectedly, as anyways as perfect at this inexcusable time, Diego must receive concern of his son, Armando. Now, both of each other have to be compelled to hold to each other; Armando to the unknown, homosexual real world of his father, as anyways as Diego to the closed manner of his youth son.