Zinda Bhaag

Zinda Bhaag is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi, the film stars, Amna Ilyas, Naseeruddin Shah. A brief summary of Zinda Bhaag; Three youthful folks try out to flee the veracity of their day after day lives also attain inside modes they seasoned smallest amount expected.
What lists a grown-up step into a cargo holder that is aiming to engagement sealed as days? Why completes he step into a flimsy laden boat to face expression a stormy sea? Or dart across international borders dodging bullets? What are the compulsions faced by kinsfolk inside Pakistan, which brand one another receive tremendous risks to track a mirage of a belt drawing closer inside unknown lands? Set critical the backdrop of the universe of illegal immigration, Zinda Bhaag is a movie near to three juvenile kinsfolk attempting to flee the realism of their daily basis lives … with beyond inside practices they more experienced smallest amount expected.

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