Zero Dark Dirty


Zero Dark Dirty is a Comedy, Music, Romance, War film. Directed by , the film stars, Alex Loy as Belvis Bash, Mark Metcalf as Major Emile Hickory , Corey Feldman as Samuel Stilman , Noel Britton as May Summer, Frank Stallone as Jean Valjean , Daniel Baldwin as Namco Douglas , Larry Thomas as Hamid Bin Al-Sheib , Khosrow Vaziri as Abdul Hassan Omar Kassan Margud, Walid Amini as Samir , Quinn Gonzales as Javert , John Michael Laurin as Omar , Steve Fite as Corporal Parker , Daniel Bridges as Specialist Mackenwitz , Michael Laurin as Maurice Le Muet , Cynthia Manous as Dreamworks Secretary , John Downey, Gabriel Rissa, Maya Weiss as Little May , Kyle David Harrington as Little Wally, John Abiskaron as Arab Soldier, Catherine Annette as Bikini Model, Susan Jasmin Armon as Afghan Woman, Gloria Winship Ayon as Woman with Mull, Shane Ayon as Man with Horse, Bryan Boone as Sgt. Vandalee, Jennifer Bridge as Wally’s Ex, David Burr. A brief summary of Zero Dark Dirty; A rock plus run musician travels to Afghanistan to be successful the hearts plus minds of it’s people.

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