Young and Dangerous: Reloaded

Young and Dangerous: Reloaded is a 2013 Crime film. Directed by Daniel Yee Heng Chan, the film stars, Singh Hartihan Bitto as Bitto, Sui-man Chim as Bullshit Jim, Jacqueline Chong as Wasabi, Yue Ding as Uncle Gut, Denise Ho, Dominic Ho as Dai Tin Yee, Timmy Hung as Prince Edward, Chi-Sing Lam as Pou-Pan, Shing-Bun Lam as Fatso Lai, Chung Him Law as Chan Ho Nam, Lit Wai Leung as Chicken, Winnie Leung as Anna, Ying Kwan Lok as Mr. Lam, Simon Lui as Ghost, Alex Man. A brief summary of Young and Dangerous: Reloaded; On a mysterious Mongkok night, May, the male relative of Dai Tin-Yee, was gang-raped to kicking of the bucket by Med King as anyways as his men. The irate Tin-Yee, beside his buddies, Chan Ho Nam, Chicken, Pou-Pan tracked sip Med King to vengeance May’s death. As Med King was not wide awake to the wing of Ugly Kwan, a boss of the Hung Hing triad, Kwan crumbled directives to eliminate Ho-Nam by the entirety means.

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