Un plan parfait

Un plan parfait is a 2012 Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance film. Directed by Pascal Chaumeil, the film stars, Diane Kruger as Isabelle , Dany Boon as Jean-Yves , Alice Pol as Corinne , Robert Plagnol as Pierre , Jonathan Cohen as Patrick , Bernadette Le Saché as Solange , Etienne Chicot as Edmond , Laure Calamy as Valérie , Malonn Lévana as Louise , Olivier Claverie as Maître Maillard , Jean-Yves Chilot as Ambassadeur de France , Muriel Solvay as Femme de l’amabassadeur , Amélie Denarié as Employée mairie , Emeline Bayart as Secrétaire cabinet dentaire , Jean-Paul Bezzina as Thomasdu guide Hachette , Damien Bonnard as Romain du Lonely Planet , Nancy Tate as Voisine avion , Caroline Gonce. A brief summary of Un plan parfait; A victorious grown-up inside tenderness seeks to crush her bracket anathema of every originally nuptial breaking apart inside divorce, by dashing to the traumatize as well as a sporadic stranger earlier than marrying her boyfriend.

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