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Un giorno devi andare

a Un giorno devi andareUn giorno devi andare is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Giorgio Diritti, the film stars, Jasmine Trinca as Augusta , Anne Alvaro as Anna , Sonia Gessner as Antonia , Pia Engleberth as Suor Franca , Federica Fracassi as Suor Teresa , Amanda Fonseca Galvao as Janaina , Paulo De Souza as Joao , Nilson Trindade Miquiles as Bambino indio sulla spiaggia , Manuela Mendonça Marinho as Janete , Eder Frota Dos Santos as Nilson , Tereza Benevides Schermuly Santos as Arizete , Leonardo Farias Dos Santos as Fabiano , Nilton Avani Rodrigues as Leandro , João Paulo Da Silva Santos as Figlio Fabiano , Debora Da Silva Medeiros as Donna riunione palafitta , Janio Pinto De Souza as Reginaldo , Leonardo Fernando Souza Farias as Paulo , Isabel De Assis Miranda as Jeni , Davide Tuniz as Padre Fernando , Tuchaua Alfonso Miniz Miguilis as Capo primo villaggio , Derli Baston Batista as Indio primo villaggio , Aldo Albuquerque as Capo secondo villaggio , Arnoldo Chaves. A brief summary of Un giorno devi andare; Painful head functions point Augusta to exit Italy. On a tiny boat, occupied inside the Amazon Forest grandness, she begins a tour between Indios villages. From the favela to the exclusion inside the Forest, Augusta will set out seeking herself.

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