Tyler Perry’s Temptation

Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Tyler Perry, the film stars, Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Judith, Eric West, Kim Kardashian as Ava, Vanessa Williams as Janice, Robbie Jones as Harley, Lance Gross as Brice, Brandy Norwood as Melinda, Zach Sale as Brad, RenĂ©e Taylor, Ella Joyce as Sarah, Sharon Oliphant as Receptionist, Candice Coke, Nickolas Wolf as Church Attendant, Shaeleigh Person as Young Judith, Karishma Lakhani as Model, DeMontrez Spears, Andrea Moore as Lisa, Sheila Maddox as Sister, Cara Mantella as Counselor, Andrew R. Kaplan as Board Member, Dina Morrone as, Shelley Bassett as Pedestrian, Stephanie Greenquist, Robert Hotalen as Fiddle Player, Keith Ratchek as Airport Patron, Jon Gould as Millionaire Client, Ken Melde as The Client, James Troutman as Client, Micah Stampley, Denise Pereira. A brief summary of Tyler Perry’s Temptation; A nuptial counselor’s survival transform complicated succeeding she enters into an bit by bit fanatical relationship in the back of her husband’s back.

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