Twice Born


Twice Born is a 2012 Drama film. Directed by Sergio Castellitto, the film stars , Penélope Cruz as Gemma, Emile Hirsch as Diego, Saadet Aksoy as Aska, Mira Furlan, Jane Birkin, Sergio Castellitto as Giuliano, Branko Djuric as Doctor, Adnan Haskovic as Gojco, Isabelle Adriani as Giornalista, Sanja Vejnovic, Luna Mijovic as Danka, Pietro Castellitto, Milan Pavlovic, Moamer Kasumovic, Juan Carlos Vellido as Official Ministry, Emina Muftic, Sven Medvesek, Ermin Sijamija, Rijad Gvozden, Luca De Filippo, Igor Zoric as Bojan, Mediha Musliovic, Mona Muratovic as Sobbing woman, Mugdim Avdagic. A brief summary of Twice Born; A surplus mum brings her teen youngster to Sarajevo, where his father passed away inside the Bosnian dispute time ago.

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