The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich

The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich is a 2012 Biography, Drama film. Directed by Antonin Svoboda, the film stars, Klaus Maria Brandauer as Wilhelm Reich, Julia Jentsch as Eva Reich, Jeanette Hain as Ilse Reich, Jamie Sives as Hamilton, Birgit Minichmayr as Aurora, Kenny Doughty as Paul, Gary Lewis as Dr. Cameron, David Rasche as Hills, Shaun Aylward as Peter, Markus Schleinzer as Agent Klein, Max Deacon as Thomas, Ian Towers as CIA Agent A, Michael Shannon as Judge Clifford, Drew McVety as Murphy, Rebecca Blasband as Sally Murphy, Tibor Taylor as Prison Guard, Jim Libby as Taxidriver, Adrienne Ferguson. A brief summary of The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich; At the absolute of his life, Wilhelm Reich – psychiatrist with experimental scientist surfing as the fundamentals of being alive – finds himself on trial, capable of being trusted deception. His fantasize of beneficial gentleman personality groups him a hazardous rival of an American method that is aiming beyond 1945 as global hegemony, by the use of the full thing handy means.

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