The Monkey King

The Monkey King is a 2013 Action, Adventure, Family film. Directed by Pou-Soi Cheang, the film stars , Donnie Yen, Yun-Fat Chow as Jade Emperor, Siu-Wong Fan as Giant God Ju Ling Shen, Monica Mok as Cloud Fairy, Aaron Kwok as Bull Demon King, Kelly Chen as Goddess of Mercy – Guanyin, Gigi Leung as Chang’E, Peter Ho as Erlangshen, Qiao En Chen as Princess Iron Fan, Zilin Zhang as Nu Wa, Siu-Fai Cheung as Heavenly King, Chung Him Law as Muzha, Calvin Cheng Ka-Sing as Nezha, Irene Wang as Caiyun Fairy, Yitian Hai as Buddha Bodhi, Hua Liu as Dragon King of the East Sea, Xia Zitong as Silver Nine-tailed Fox, Jing Li as Green Monkey, Cathy Leung Yue-Yan as Caixia Fairy, Hai Yi Tian as Old Master Puti. A brief summary of The Monkey King; The anecdote of a Buddhist monk’s pilgrimage to India to bring together religious texts. Sun Wukong, is a monkey born like a heavenly stone who acquires thrilling powers. After campaigning opposed to rapture along with personality imprisoned below a heap as 500 years, he in a while accompanies the monk Xuanzang on a space to India. Thus, on the specialist of legend, Buddhism is chattered to more matured China. This a large amount of dear story, is since a large amount of a locale of Asian way of life since The Iliad along with The Odyssey or The Wizard of Oz are to the West. This primarily arrangement inside a trilogy of live manner 3-D cinema is in lead of fact a prequel to The Journey To The West, the a large amount of counseled tale of the Monkey King’s adventures on the move to India. The Monkey King: Havoc In The Heavenly Palace will troth let loose inside the U.S. since The Monkey King. The primarily motion picture is the origins tale – taking off in addition to the nearing of Sun Wukong along with breaking up in addition to his slammer as his crimes below the Five-Peaked Mountain. Along the roadway he acquires marvelous powers, fighting the armies of the gods along with the armies of the demons to value his rightful spot inside the Heavens.

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