The Millionaire Tour

The Millionaire Tour is a 2012 Action, Thriller film. Directed by Inon Shampanier, the film stars, Dominic Monaghan as Casper, Jordan Belfi as Greg, Rick Gomez as Sammy, Agnes Bruckner as Billie, Bruce Davison as The Roman, Marisa Petroro as Nola, Dave Vescio as Eddie, Laura Spencer as Becky, Ron RoggĂ© as Rusty, January Malkus as April, Joe Thornton Jr. as George, Ben Dubash as Junkyard Guy, Jeff Scott as Don, Erin Heft, Tim Alba, Shiori Ideta, Isaac Johnson, Khai Thach, Steven Whitmore, Jade Willey. A brief summary of The Millionaire Tour; A baffling cab passenger who is allowed hostage must influence the hijackers that he is not the legendary con mature man they commenced kill. Is it a case of false identity, or an inventive demeanor of deception? A installments of psyche sport furthermore break out ploys will set out who’s getting who since a ride…

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