The Hunt

The Hunt is a 2012 Drama film. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, the film stars, Mads Mikkelsen as Lucas, Thomas Bo Larsen as Theo, Annika Wedderkopp as Klara, Lasse Fogelstrøm as Marcus, Susse Wold as Grethe, Anne Louise Hassing as Agnes, Lars Ranthe as Bruun, Alexandra Rapaport as Nadja, Ole Dupont, Rikke Bergmann as Cashier at the Convenient Store, Katrine Brygmann as Kirsten, Allan Wibor Christensen as Butcher’s Assistant, Nina Christrup as Bruun’s First Sister, Daniel Engstrup as Johan, Josefine Gråbøl as Kindergarden Teacher, Steen Ordell Guldbrandsen as Lars T, Øyvind Hagen-Traberg as Butcher, Nicolai Dahl Hamilton as Owner of convenient store, Bjarne Henriksen as Ole, Karina Fogh Holmkjær as Ulla, Jacob Højlev Jørgensen as Erik, Jytte Kvinesdal as Inger, Birgit Petersen as Bruun’s Second Sister, Rasmus Lind Rubin as Pede, Frank Rubæk as Elias, Søren Rønholt as Big Carsten, Sebastian Bull Sarning as Torsten, Hana Shuan as Tiny, Troels Thorsen as Bent. A brief summary of The Hunt; A counselor lives a lonesome life, the finish lot the jiffy harassed far more than his son’s custody. His being alive gradually gets more proficient since he finds warmth as nonetheless as receives first-class news broadcast indulge in his son, other than his greenhorn good fortune is getting geared up to troth savagely shattered by an innocuous trivial lie.

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