The Fall of the Essex Boys


The Fall of the Essex Boys is a 2012 Crime film. Directed by Paul Tanter, the film stars, Robert Cavanah as Mickey Steele , Kierston Wareing as Karen , Peter Barrett as Pat Tate , Jay Brown as Tony Tucker , Simon Phillips as Craig Rolfe , Nick Nevern as Darren Nicholls , Kate Magowan as Emma , Tony Denham as Jack Whomes , Peter Woodward as Miller , Ewan Ross as Phil Stone , Eddie Webber as Billy Carmichael , Joe Stamp as Ronnie Walsh , Charlie Bond as Ramsey , Roman Kemp as Pete , Emile Jansen as Alexander Janssen , Lisa Nash as Carly , Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty. A brief summary of The Fall of the Essex Boys; The appearance with arrive of the Essex Boys gang – the drugs, the violence and, of course, the murders. The bona fide chronicle is the some pothering of all.

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