Teen Beach Movie

Teen Beach Movie is a 2013 Family, Musical film. Directed by Jeffrey Hornaday, the film stars, Ross Lynch as Brady, Maia Mitchell as McKenzie, Grace Phipps as Lela, Garrett Clayton as Tanner, John DeLuca as Butchy, Chrissie Fit as Chee Chee, Steve Valentine as Les Camembert, Kevin Chamberlin as Dr. Fusion, Kent Boyd as Rascal, Mollee Gray as Giggles, Jordan Fisher as Seacat, Kc Monnie as Biker, Jessica Lee Keller as Struts, Megan Littler as Dancer, William T. Loftis as Sparkplug, LaVon Fisher-Wilson, Joel Isaac as Beach goer, Wilfred Omar Perez as Surfer Goer. A brief summary of Teen Beach Movie; summary not found.