Still Life

Still Life is a 2013 Comedy, Drama film. Directed by Uberto Pasolini, the film stars, Eddie Marsan as John May, Joanne Froggatt as Kelly Stoke, Karen Drury as Mary, Andrew Buchan as Council Manager, Neil D’Souza as Shakthi, David Shaw Parker as Billy Stokes’ Caretaker, Michael Elkin as Caretaker, Ciaran McIntyre as Jumbo, Tim Potter, Paul Anderson as Homeless Man, Bronson Webb as Morgue Attendant, Leon Silver as Crematorium Attendant, Lloyd McGuire as Prison Officer, Wayne Foskett. A brief summary of Still Life; A council case person appears given that the relations of those looked on numb plus alone. Still Life is a poignant, quixotic fairy-tale of life, fondness in addition to the afterlife. Meticulous in addition to produced to the direct of obsession, John May is a council recruit in manipulate of ascertaining the subsequently of kin of those who undergo gave wakeful the ghost alone. When his classification is downsized, John must wakeful his efforts on his most recent case, acquiring him on a beneficial tour that allows him to approach in existence subsistence at last.

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