Spijt is a 2013 Drama, Family film. Directed by Dave Schram, the film stars, Robin Boissevain as David , Dorus Witte as Vera , Stefan Collier as Jochem , Charlotte Bakker as Sanne , Nils Verkooijen as Justin , Rick van Elk as Remco , Gregory Samson as Niels , Brahim Fouradi as Youssef , Eileen Farnham as Manon , Fabienne Bergmans as Nienke , Dave Mantel as Tino , Roos Ouwehand as Moeder David , Rick Nicolet as Oma , Jessica Zeylmaker as Moeder Jochem , Edo Brunner as Vader Jochem , Paul Kooij as Rector , Mike Libanon as Leraar Engels , Marloes van den Heuvel. A brief summary of Spijt!; David’s classmate Jochem is bullied for he is excessively heavy. Although David gradually stands wakeful to the bullying, it turns out to engagement excessively late.

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