Slink is a 2013 Horror, Thriller film. Directed by Jared Masters, the film stars, Julia Faye West as Aunt May, Danika Galindo as Kayla Nunez, Art Roberts as Dale, Dawna Lee Heising as Joan, Anthony Del Negro as Aaron, Jacqueline Larsen as Hailey Nunez, Jade Bryce as Michelle, Jael Lloyd as Candice, Cosondra Sjostrom as Sara, Marylyn Brooks as Courtney Nunez, Samantha Poole. A brief summary of Slink; In the rural town of Wickenhaven, a psychotic tanning salon owner is in charge of given that the disappearances of numerous young, risk free girls, jiffy his wife, an exotic purse designer, is keen to put out of your mind his evil nature. After the unexplained demise of their Uncle Arlo, Kayla Nunez also her sis make an effort to his conjugal inside the rural town of Wickenhaven.

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