Singh vs. Kaur

Singh vs. Kaur is a 2013 Comedy film. Directed by Navaniat Singh, the film stars, Gippy Grewal as Nihal Singh, Surveen Chawla as Jasneet Kaur, Japji Khaira as Simrat, Rohit Khurana as Roop, Binnu Dhillon as Taari, B.N. Sharma as Dhindsa, Avtar Gill as Sarpanch, Karamjeet Anmol, Gurpreet Bhangu, Sean Bindra as Dhindsa’s Son, Jelly, Diljit Kaur, Harpreet Walia. A brief summary of Singh vs. Kaur; Nihal Singh is a adolescent man fancy a village inside Nabha, who inside a trial to cast off an unwanted matrimony proposal, winds up lying to his consummate village that he from any person noted Jasneet Kaur fancy Vancouver. In reality, Jasneet is a girl, who Nihal furthermore his buddy furthermore wife inside crime, Taari look on on the internet furthermore take a figure of her to present oneself for confirmation to the village. Coaxed by his mum furthermore a pesky village Taayi, Nihal Singh categories out since Canada to stay and Taari’s Chacha furthermore search out his come to someone’s rescue inside unearthing the whereabouts of Jasneet. There he still meets a gal named, Simrat who informs him that Jasneet belongs to one among the wealthiest grouping inside Vancouver furthermore that it might troth extremely existent since him to run into her.

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