Runner, Runner

Runner, Runner is a 2013 Crime, Drama, Thriller film. Directed by Brad Furman, the film stars , Ben Affleck as Ivan Block, Justin Timberlake as Richie Furst, Gemma Arterton as Rebecca Shafran, Anthony Mackie, Ben Schwartz, Oliver Cooper, David Costabile as Professor Hornstein, Sam Palladio as Shecky, Laurence Mason as Governor, Dayo Okeniyi as Perdeep, Daniel Booko, Louis Lombardi as Archie, Yul Vazquez as Delegate Herrera, Michael Esper, Diana Laura as Sandra Leon, Danielle Hartnett, James Molina as Esteban, Carlos Sanz, David Castro as Guard, Steven Weisz as Doorman John, Gil O’Brien as NYC Pedestrian, Sam Upton as Agent Poole, Jon Douglas Rainey as Business man, Brian Tester as Casino Whale, Hugh Scott as Shooter, Christian George as Wilson, Justin Paul as Bar Back, Sandha Khin as Shooter’s Girl, Joel Isaac as Costa Rican Worker, Clifford Myatt as Congressman Towel, Jordan Beder as Paul Arnaud, Christopher McLinden, Juan Padilla-Lallave. A brief summary of Runner, Runner; A businessman who owns an offshore betting business finds his relationship and his protégé attaining a boiling point.

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