Remnants is a 2013 Action, Drama, Sci-Fi film. Directed by Tim Szczesniak and André Freitas, the film stars, Tom Sizemore as General Vincent Tate , Wilbur Fitzgerald as President Marshall Erwin , Alex Van as Scott Fehrman , Robert Pralgo as Art Bernard , Adam Minarovich as Secretary Pierce Brown , Justin Welborn as Brian Sears , Vanelle as Gwen Bernard , Donald Sill as Merl , Jeff Briggs as Morris , David J. Mack as Lance , Addy Miller as Melissa Bernard , Tara Nicole Azarian as Amber , Paul Hilburger. A brief summary of Remnants; A matchless astronomical experience causes a permanent worldwide black out, infusing population of a middle-class suburb to acquire by in addition to no modern-day conveniences. The group pulls collectively furthermore adapts to a simpler attribute of life, save for their achievement draws the comment of the less resourceful population inside the part furthermore rapidly outcome inside a attempt between subdivisions. This is their story.

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