Operation Terror


tt2040454 Operation TerrorOperation Terror is a 2012 Thriller film. Directed by Paul Cross, the film stars, Jack Brand as Aaron Delgado , Paul Cross as George Poole , Christopher Kriesa as Phillip Singer , Graham Clarke as Chuck Griswold , M.O. Onjoray as James MccCollough , Robert Stilwell as Harvey St. Claire , Brad Potts as Chase Jordan , Randy Fratkin as Ray Donovan , Danny Grossman as Charlie Getz , Mikos Zavros as Sam Hall , John Gilbert as Michael Goldberg , David Alan Graf as Dave Francini , Christopher Wiles as Dick Cheney , Cole J. Porter as Horace Humphrey , Jamie Bernadette as Stewardess , Chelene Nightingale. A brief summary of Operation Terror; CIA source Aaron Delgado goes in addition to a side of agents as anyways as engineers to insist on an inspiration to fight the World Trade Center as anyways as the Pentagon, pinning the blame on Muslim Terrorists.

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