Operation Terror

Operation Terror is a 2012 Thriller film. Directed by Paul Cross, the film stars, Jack Brand as Aaron Delgado, Paul Cross as George Poole, Christopher Kriesa as Phillip Singer, Graham Clarke as Chuck Griswold, M.O. Onjoray as James MccCollough, Robert Stilwell as Harvey St. Claire, Brad Potts as Chase Jordan, Randy Fratkin as Ray Donovan, Danny Grossman as Charlie Getz, Mikos Zavros as Sam Hall, John Gilbert as Michael Goldberg, David Alan Graf as Dave Francini, Christopher Wiles as Dick Cheney, Cole J. Porter as Horace Humphrey, Jamie Bernadette as Stewardess, Chelene Nightingale. A brief summary of Operation Terror; CIA source Aaron Delgado goes in addition to a side of agents as anyways as engineers to insist on an inspiration to fight the World Trade Center as anyways as the Pentagon, pinning the blame on Muslim Terrorists.

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