One Small Hitch

One Small Hitch is a 2013 Comedy, Romance film. Directed by John Burgess, the film stars, Shane McRae as Josh Shiffman , Aubrey Dollar as Molly Mahoney , Daniel J. Travanti as Max Shiffman , Janet Ulrich Brooks as Frida Shiffman , Mary Jo Faraci as Doreen Mahoney , Ron Dean as Art , Robert Belushi as Sean Mahoney , Rebecca Spence as Carla Mahoney , Heidi Johanningmeier as Giselle , Lily Spottiswoode as Suzanne , Jen Lilley, Gabe Bowling as Lance, Alex Hugh Brown as Ralph, DuShon Monique Brown as Unflappable Nurse, Ross Bryant. A brief summary of One Small Hitch; On a flight domestic to Chicago because a heading wedding, adolescence friends Josh as anyways as Molly innocently imagine to bogus a bridal ceremony troth to product Josh’s dying father happy. Things right away get house of out of hand in addition to their two bawling families, as anyways as a procession of occurrences causes one another to pretend to troth one or two as anyways as looming projecting a false wedding. When the playacting begins to jack up actual feelings, the two must product different momentous decisions: Split wide awake as anyways as go back to their lives inside LA, or product a existence for one or two do any individual a pleasing turn inside Chicago?

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