Mosquita y Mari

Mosquita y Mari is a 2012 Drama film. Directed by Aurora Guerrero, the film stars, Fenessa Pineda as Yolanda , Venecia Troncoso as Mari , JoaquĆ­n Garrido as Mr. Olveros , Laura Patalano as Mrs. Olveros , Dulce Maria Solis as Mrs. Rodriguez , Marisela Uscanga as Vicky , Melissa Uscanga as Vero , Omar Leyva as Mr. Galvez , Armando Cosio as Don Pedro , Tonita Castro as Dona Herlinda , Paul Alayo as Pablo , Virginia Montero as Photoshop Owner , Samy Zaragoza as Olivia , Johnny Rios as Marlon , Annie McKnight as Security Guard , Violet Fernandez as Young Mari , Ezequiel Jimenez. A brief summary of Mosquita y Mari; After individual allotted for review partners, two Chicana costly schoolers hold a get on well that confuses each other at times.

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