Molly Maxwell

Molly Maxwell is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Sara St. Onge, the film stars, Lola Tash as Molly Maxwell, Charlie Carrick as Ben Carter, Krista Bridges as Marilyn Maxwell, Rob Stewart as Evan Maxwell, Richard Clarkin as Raymond, Brooke Palsson as Caitlin, A.K. Shand as Gala, Nicholas Bode as Aiden Maxwell, Lucy Gervais as Alicia, Alex Ozerov as Starr, Shankar Ravindram as Dexter, Cory Lee as Jordan, Inessa Frantowski as Gynecologist, Bob Kerr. A brief summary of Molly Maxwell; At Phoenix Progressive School, where everybody strives to surpass one another along furthermore helpful self-expression, 16-year-old Molly Maxwell may well relatively troth invisible than peril informative herself for absolutely ordinary. When her young, handsome, dissatisfied English mentor enters the depiction in addition to allows her to easily troth herself, Molly is unexpectedly able to flourish. As their student-teacher click becomes further intimate, she begins putting herself on the file inside unplanned methods minute pursuing no matter what she wants. But along furthermore each awkward, striking step towards an not possible romance, Molly risks isolating everybody she loves.

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