Mohamed Dubois

Mohamed Dubois is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Ernesto Oña, the film stars, Eric Judor as Arnaud Dubois, alias Mohamed , Sabrina Ouazani as Sabrina Kherab , Youssef Hajdi as Mustafa Kherab , Mhamed Arezki as Hassen , Wahid Bouzidi as Rachid , Marie Kremer as Marie , Farid Elouardi as Djalil Madani , Baya Belal as Fouzia Kherab , Biyouna as Djamila , Hania Amar as Nawel Madani , Mousa Mansaly, Lotfi Titi, Rabah Loucif, Paco Boublard as Julien , Jackie Berroyer as Gérard Dubois , Eric Pebayle as Policier Gilbert , Martin Pautard as Policier Sébastien , Thierry Pietra. A brief summary of Mohamed Dubois; summary not found.

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