Mickey Virus

Mickey Virus is a 2013 Comedy, Thriller film. Directed by Saurabh Varma, the film stars, Puja Gupta, Elli Avram as Kamayani George, Manish Paul as Mickey Virus, Manish Chaudhary as ACP Siddhanth Chauhan, Varun Badola as Inspector Bhalla, Raghav Kakkar as Floppy, Vikesh Kumar as Pancho. A brief summary of Mickey Virus; When Delhi Police comes across an out of the ordinary case turning with statement to hacking they explore encourage of an authority who thinks similar to one another barely to bump into a work-shy hacker Mickey Arora. Mickey Virus is a slapstick comedian thriller group inside Delhi, India. When Delhi Police comes across a case spiraling close to hacking, they come out there enquiry to think a laptop computer authority who may perhaps be a tower of force to each other answer this case.

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