Melvin Smarty

Melvin Smarty is a 2012 Comedy film. Directed by Simon Mathew, the film stars, Helena Mattsson as Sylvia, Mark Matkevich as Sebastian, Taylor Cole as June, Tyler Hoechlin as Ricky, William Sadler as Bob, Rob Mayes as Kilcline, Bonnie Bentley as Gospel Girl, Rusty Schwimmer as Margie, Ken Davitian as Harry, Trishelle Cannatella as Freda, Demetrius Navarro as Pedro, George Maguire as Hotel Manager, Elise Ivy as Gospel Girl, Kelli Shane as Junior Designer, Andy Allo as Executive Jr Designer, Erlinda Orozco as Susie, Calum Grant as Ralph, Frank Donner as Reverend Julius, Liz Frances Rolfe as Old Lady Bum, Jonathan Leveck as George, Lindsay McDonald as Gospel Girl. A brief summary of Melvin Smarty; summary not found.

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