Me, Myself and Mum

Me, Myself and Mum is a 2013 Comedy film. Directed by Guillaume Gallienne, the film stars, Guillaume Gallienne as Guillaume, Françoise Fabian as Babou, Nanou Garcia as Paqui, Diane Kruger as Ingeborg, Brigitte Catillon as La tante d’Amérique, Carole Brenner, Paula Brunet-Sancho as Maria, Karina Marimon as Pilar, Catherine Salviat as La pédopsychiatre, Lison Pinet as La psychanalyste virile, Ana Lombardi, Karen Gluck, Gala Besson as Lisa, Victoria Olloqui as Jeune Andalouse, Clémence Aubry. A brief summary of Me, Myself and Mum; summary not found.

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