Matei Copil Miner

Matei Copil Miner is a 2013 Drama, Family film. Directed by Alexandra Gulea, the film stars, Alexandru Czuli as Matei , Remus Margineanu, Claudiu Ababei as Ioan, Izidor-Sorin Caranja as Izidor, Mirela Cioaba as Headmistress, Emanuele Curro as Pavel, Rodica Ionescu as Mother, Iulia Lum├ónare as Waitress, Ioana Ana Macaria as Social worker, Ana Matei as Ana, Valentin Mihali as Priest, Irina Naum as Secretary, Ada Navrot as Ioan’s mother, Tania Popa as Nela, Cornel Scripcaru as Scientist, Radu Tudor as Crazy man. A brief summary of Matei Copil Miner; Matei, a juvenile boy on the verge of youth is awestruck by the precedent days of the Transylvanian mining address he lives in..

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