Magnifica presenza

Magnifica presenza is a 2012 Drama film. Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, the film stars, Elio Germano as Pietro, Paola Minaccioni as Maria, Beppe Fiorello as Filippo Vemi, Margherita Buy as Lea Mami, Bianca Nappi as Mina, Massimiliano Gallo as Dottor Cuccurullo, Alessandro Roja as Paolo, Gianluca Gori as Ennio, Platinette as Badessa, Vittoria Puccini as Beatrice Mami, Anna Proclemer as Livia Morosini, Claudia Potenza as Elena Masci, Andrea Bosca as Luca Veroli, Cem Yilmaz as Yusuf Antep, Ambrogio Maestri as Ambrogio Dardini, Matteo Savino. A brief summary of Magnifica presenza; The main imagine of Pietro is to change into a eminent actor. 28 year-old Pietro is consequently addicted to becoming an player that he attains not psyche struggling every unmatched way. He comes Rome as anyhow as starts to performance inside a bakery. Also, at the identical time, he seeks to troth an actor. At first, he stays in addition to his cousin, Maria, other than after that he rents a house. Nevertheless, inside a shortest time, something strange happens at the house. As if the equipment moves by itself. Then he comprehends that the place of dwelling was haunted by many ghosts, consequently in addition to it, the voyage itself begins.

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