Love Is in the Air


Love Is in the Air is a 2013 Romance film. Directed by Alexandre Castagnetti, the film stars, Ludivine Sagnier as Julie , Nicolas Bedos, Jonathan Cohen, Arnaud Ducret as Franck , Brigitte Catillon as Claire , Jackie Berroyer as Arthur , Clémentine Célarié as Marie , Michel Vuillermoz as Georges , Lila Salet as Stéphanie , Ina Castagnetti, Sophie-Charlotte Husson as Nina , Yves Espargilière as Gros monsieur , Cédric Nouet as Enzo , David Capelle as Voisin Aïssa , Jean-Philippe Goudroye. A brief summary of Love Is in the Air; Antoine is a lawyer breathing inside New York. On his method succour to France as the closing cycle of a career interview, Antoine finds himself stationary honest then to his ex-girlfriend Julie. With a seven-hour flight previous them, they are progressing to ought to talk to each other.

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