Kill Zombie!

Kill Zombie! is a 2012 Comedy, Horror film. Directed by Martijn Smits, Erwin van den Eshof and the film stars, Yahya Gaier as Aziz, Mimoun Ouled Radi as Mo, Sergio Hasselbaink as Jeffrey, Gigi Ravelli as Kim, Uriah Arnhem as Nolan, Noel Deelen as Joris, Wouter Braaf as Soldier, Jan Doense as Kantoor Zombie – Victor Vijnemans, Rik Sinkeldam as Steef, Vincent Bouritius, Mathieu Prins as Zombie, Olav van Weerden, Maurice Nathan Weert. A brief summary of Kill Zombie; The unusual chronicle gets rid of site inside Amsterdam-West, where an endemic turns masses into bloodthirsty zombies. Although a good deal of blood is pouring in addition to a lot of limbs chopped off, there is heaps to tease inside this unusual dread comedy.

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