Kill Zombie!


a Kill Zombie!Kill Zombie! is a 2012 Comedy, Horror film. Directed by Martijn Smits, Erwin van den Eshof and the film stars, Yahya Gaier as Aziz , Mimoun Ouled Radi as Mo , Sergio Hasselbaink as Jeffrey , Gigi Ravelli as Kim , Uriah Arnhem as Nolan , Noel Deelen as Joris, Wouter Braaf as Soldier, Jan Doense as Kantoor Zombie – Victor Vijnemans, Rik Sinkeldam as Steef , Vincent Bouritius, Mathieu Prins as Zombie, Olav van Weerden, Maurice Nathan Weert. A brief summary of Kill Zombie; The unusual chronicle gets rid of site inside Amsterdam-West, where an endemic turns masses into bloodthirsty zombies. Although a good deal of blood is pouring in addition to a lot of limbs chopped off, there is heaps to tease inside this unusual dread comedy.

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