Inara, the Jungle Girl

Inara, the Jungle Girl is a 2012 Adventure film. Directed by Patrick Desmarattes, the film stars , Brittany Bass as Senha, Cali Danger as Inara Williams, Gerald Desmarattes as Jackson Biggams, Destiny Dumon as Gare’n, Ultimate Gojirah as Gojen, Charis Jeffers as Solara, Madison Kitten as Kiten, Blair Martin as Zahara, Tarver Mcknight as Joel Williams, Logan Myers as Tinou, Christopher Robinett as Soldier, Tim Ross as Marshal Howard, Kathy Butler Sandvoss as Holy Mother, Empress Sayuri as N’ah, Sam Sexton as Lyta, Jack Stecher as Marcus Fletcher, Brandi Alyssa Young as Nu’al – The Telepath. A brief summary of Inara, the Jungle Girl; ‘Inara, The Jungle Girl’ launches audiences into the living of Inara a teen damsel inside the soldiers whose…

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