How to Commit Fraud

How to Commit Fraud is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Furqaan Clover, the film stars, Laila Odom as Kelly, Casey Lee as Det. Wright, Tahiry Jose as Rhonda, Rosie Mattia as Det. Ross, ‘Young Star’ D. Stephens as Lil Rico, Kenisha Myree as Kareema, ‘Nitro’ Derrick Booker as Stone, Garner Teon Watson as Pee Man, Daffini Evans as Zoe, Raven Tolbert as Tahsa Murrell, Jermaine Johnson as Det. Jacobs, Jada Clover, Nikita Kimbrough as Stacey, Joel Grant as Brittany, Farrell Clover as DJ Baby, Chriszone Clover, Zachary Meyer as Dillon, DeAnthony Turner as KOD Skit, Shawnee Mitchell as Nikki, J.R. Brown. A brief summary of How to Commit Fraud; summary not found.

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