House of Bodies

House of Bodies is a 2013 Thriller film. Directed by Alex Merkin, the film stars, Terrence Howard as Starks , Queen Latifah as Nicole , Peter Fonda as Henry Lee Bishop , George Katt, Alexz Johnson as Kelli , Harry Zittel as Kyle , Francisco A. Pino as Darryl , Juliana Harkavy as Tisha , Elizabeth Brissenden as Tracy , Karlee Eldridge as Ambra , Arturo Rossi as John Ramos , Tim Ware as Brian , Myquan Jackson as Sergeant C. Tucker , Marc Macaulay as Deputy Warden Legler , David Danello. A brief summary of House of Bodies; A secret agent act to unravel a case related to a immature deaf boy plus a infobahn online page that’s flow out of a domestic that just solitary occasion belonged to a run killer. While indulging his hunger for the purpose that the staid as nonetheless as unsightly by patronizing a voyeuristic Web website that’s based inside a place of abode where an reprobate sitcom killer one time lived, a hearing-impaired boy begins to smell that the site’s violence is over easily make-believe.

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