Haunting of the Innocent

Haunting of the Innocent is a 2014 Thriller film. Directed by Matt Hish, the film stars, Judd Nelson as Mr. Franklin, Jessica Morris as Brenda, Rib Hillis as Tom, Hannah Cowley as Beyla, Autumn Federici as Anne, Neil Dickson as Erik, Gina Gretta as Bar Couple, Flood Reed as Viking, Apphia Castillo as Nurse, Tina Hillstrom as Kathryn Van Der Hall, Matt Hish as Sam, Danielle Reverman. A brief summary of Haunting of the Innocent; Tom with Brenda meet wide awake with the flawless existence nonetheless while Brenda is violently attacked inside the hope of their home, their flawless lives are thrown into mayhem with fear.

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