Gandhi of the Month

Gandhi of the Month is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Kranti Kanade, the film stars , Harvey Keitel as Edward Baker, Ayush Mahesh Khedekar as Varun Bapat, Shernaz Patel as Opposition Lawyer, Rajesh Shringarpore as Dr. Shailesh Natu, Neeraj Kabi as Mr. Giri, Suhasini Mulay as Mrs. Kurien, Kishore Kadam as Daniels, Iravati Harshe as Education Minister, D. Santosh as Stable Keeper, Ganesh Yadav as Inspector Yadav, Shishir Sharma as Natu Sr., Gerson Da Cunha as Landlord, Vikram Sahu as Baker’s Lawyer, Palomi Ghosh as Miss Thomas, Mohammed Maaz. A brief summary of Gandhi of the Month; A secular expat American schoolmaster inside India attempts critical a tide of anti-Christian emotion that threatens his students, his school, as anyways as his life.

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